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Answers to some Frequently asked questions:


How often will I work in class?
Two to four days per month depending on enrollment 
What is the Project Deposit?
The project deposit is a payment that ensures that all maintenance and cleaning hours are completed during the year. Each Family is responsible for 9 hours over the course of the school year. These hours are calculated outside of working in class. If hours are complete no invoices will be issued. Quarterly invoices go out for any hours not completed. 
What will I do on a cleaning and maintenance day?
The school does not employ a janitorial service. Parents are responsible to help maintain the playground safety and cleanliness (leaf pick up, sweeping, sand box upkeep, gardening and general maintenance). Cleaning Saturdays are held about every 6 weeks on a saturday morning. 
What do I do if I cannot work on my scheduled day?

Parents work in class on a rotating schedule with other parents in their classroom. The school does acknowledge maternity leave, medical leave, and school and work schedules. If you still find you cannot attend your scheduled work days you can trade with another parent in your class or call a worker for hire. The school supplies phone numbers of emergency workers. 

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